We continue to help to feed babies who have been abandoned by their parents.
We do not leave deaf people without attention – we provide food.

In the Maternity Hospital in Kropivnitsky, parents gave up two babies. We are near!

We donated a set of different games to the pupils of a boarding school for deaf children! We wished these children a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our Foundation supported the Baby House in Kropivnitsky. We donated necessary accessories for children, educational toys and baby food.

We support newborn babies who have been abandoned by their parents.

We try to help those who need it.

In difficult times, we are together again…

A large joint action of our Foundation and the public organization “Territory of Success” with the support of the “Saving Lives” Foundation. Our volunteers are distributing large food aid kits for blind people in Kropyvnytskyi.
And again we are with gifts in the society of the blind in Kropyvnytskyi.
Together with «the Territory of Success» Public Organization and with the help of the «Save Lives» Foundation, our volunteers have donated large food packages to deaf and dumb people.

Once again, we supported members of the deaf community in Kropyvnytskyi with food packages.


And again, babies with cerebral palsy, who are cared for in the neurological department of the Children’s Regional Hospital, received our help.
Our support is very important for people with disabilities. This time, our volunteers provided food assistance to members of the Society for the Blind in Kropyvnytskyi.
Our gifts for babies with severe motor impairments are always welcomed by the employees of the neurological department, who care for these children day and night.
War… grief in Ukraine… Refugees are not only ordinary people, but also sick kids. Four babies with severe neurological diseases were brought from the Kramatorsk Orphanage to the Regional Children’s Hospital in Kropyvnytskyi. We brought food, children’s accessories and hygiene products to these kids.
A little girl,who was abandoned by her parents, is being cared for in the neonatology department of the children’s regional hospital in Kropyvnytskyi. We helped this little girl with food.
Our Foundation continues to help the staff of the Maternity Hospital in Kropyvnytsky to take care of two babies, who were abandoned by their parents. We also gave them accessories, hygiene products and baby food.
Volunteers of our Foundation provided targeted assistance to a blind, seriously ill bedridden woman.
Easter is one of the main holidays of all believing Christians. We congratulated the deaf people of Kropyvnytsky on this bright holiday and presented them with holiday sets: delicious Paska and eggs.
A holiday should be in every home. We congratulated the wards of the psycho-neurological boarding school of Kropyvnytsky and presented them with 100 delicious Pasok on the main Christian holiday – the Resurrection of Christ.
Volunteers of our Foundation congratulated people with visual impairments in Kropyvnytsky on Easter and presented them with holiday sets: delicious Paska and eggs.
People leave their homes and are forced to flee from the horrors of war. What could be worse? After many kilometers of a difficult road  women and children are needed to rest in order to move on again to safer places. For this, our city has created temporary residence centers for migrants. One of them is located in the Gorobinka kindergarten. Children are always children, no matter how hard the road is, children are interested in playing and drawing. To the kids’ delighting, the volunteers of our Foundation donated pencils, felt-tip pens, drawing sets and toys to the Gorobinka Center.
We have been handing out packages of food during the meeting of members of the club “Veteran” of the territorial organization of the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf in Kropyvnytskyi.
Our Foundation has provided food, hygiene products and diapers for shut-in of a psycho-neurological boarding school with a geriatric department.
Representatives of our Foundation have distributed charitable assistance in the form of food packages to the members of the Ukrainian Society of the Blind in Kropyvnytskyi.
Representatives of our Foundation have donated hygiene products, accessories and cosmetics for newborn babies to the Maternity Hospital in Kropyvnytskyi, which were abandoned by their parents.
Representatives of our Foundation have distributed packages of food to members of the territorial organization of the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf in Kropyvnytskyi.
We have supported a refugee family  from Mariupol,  we have given the baby food, cosmetics and accessories.




Our Foundation’s Santa congratulated the deaf children of Kropyvnytskyi on the New Year and Christmas!




In 2021 our Foundation worked with food donations.

In 2021 our Foundation provided more than a ton of food to the deaf people of Kropyvnytskyi. This, at least, helped them to spend money for other needs.