There are about 40 thousand deaf-mute people in Ukraine.

At the beginning of 2021:
Social pension for deaf people is 1712 UAH. ($61);
Utility bills per person is – 1000 UAH. ($35).
Communication facilities is – 120 UAH. ($5);
ONLY 600 UAH LEFT for a month or 20 UAH per day ($ 21 per month or $ 0.7 per day) for EVERYTHING: clothes, shoes, food, hygiene products, medicines, transport, etc.

Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Hear with heart” was created to help people with disabilities who are in need
of food, essential goods, psychological and social support.
First of all, the Fund’s activities are aimed at helping deaf-mute people.
This is one of the most vulnerable social groups, which is often on the verge of survival.


You can deposit any amount of money into the account of our Fund. This money will be used to implement the tasks of the Foundation.

Your money will help us to provide food and essential goods (products of the personal hygiene, household chemicals, clothing, footwear, telecommunications, technology) to people with disabilities, primarily deaf children and the elderly.

The Foundation buys products of food or receives them for free from manufacturers and sellers who are ready to help our Foundation.
Any amount of money will help someone to survive!



Providing material assistance to people in need in the form of essential goods:
– food products;
– hygienic products
– clothing and footwear;
– other…

If you want to provide financial assistance to people with disabilities, through our Foundation you can donate food, hygienic products, clothing, footwear, telecommunication, and technology to these people for free. With all your questions, please contact the representatives of the Fund using the contact details on the contact page of our website.

Rules for the provision of food and hygienic products.

Food products  which are donated by the Benefactor must be in their original packaging with full information in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.


The help of volunteers is especially important!

Everyone can take part in the collection, sorting, packaging of food, hygienic products, clothes, shoes, equipment, household chemicals and their delivery to people with disabilities.

This type of assistance is discussed individually according to the needs of a project.

Volunteers can also provide other feasible support:
– assistance of sign language interpreters in a variety of life situations: visiting a doctor, paying utility bills, buying necessary goods and much more;
– legal assistance.